Open board positions

Do your kids love summer swim team? Would you like to become more involved in the swim team family? Think about joining the swim team board. We would love to have you as part of our board.  Speaking from personal experience (this is Jennifer) there is no swim team background needed.

We currently have an open board position and two more available after this summer (Jennifer and Dave will be leaving after the 2017 summer season). This is a wonderful opportunity to become involved and understand how all the parts of the swim team work. The job responsibilities are flexible and we are confident there will be a task that you can help with and enjoy doing.

Please email if you would consider joining the board this year and/or shadowing for the next year. We can discuss the roles you are interested in and what responsibilities would work best for you.  If you are planning on possibly joining the board after this summer we would welcome you to shadow some this summer so you can gain some knowledge of these positions.  We would love to have your support.

Thank you for considering volunteering and we look forward to working with new board members this summer.

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