Swim Practice Times–please read

It is always hard to know the number of kids swimming in each age division when we set practice times. It is always a risk when we set these times on if session will balance out. Well this year is one of those times where it isn’t very even.  In our upper division practice we have about 10 kids to a lane and that is not very productive for the swimmers.

We are going to enforce the specific age group practice times as well as change the 13 year old practice times. If you are swimming up in practice we need you to attend your regular age group practice. Also the 13 year olds will begin to practice from 8:00-9:00am. 

This change will be beneficial to all the swimmers involved. It will give each swimmer more space in their lanes and provide them more swim time.

If arrangements were not already made to participate in a different practice we appreciate your cooperation in adhering this.  These changes will take effect immediatly. 

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