Tie-Dye washing instructions

It was great to see all the Gators tie-dying their items.  Thank you for all your support in this fun swim team event.  Here are the tie-dye washing instructions in case you forgot to pick these up last night.

Tie-Dye washing instructions:
Please wait 24 hours to wash. Leave the item in the bag until you are ready to wash.  While the shirt is still tied, it needs to be rinsed under cold running water.  When you see very little dye running off the item, start to gradually remove the rubber bands while still rinsing.  Get as much dye out as possible this way.  Immediately after rinsing wash the item ( by itself ) with cold water and soap in the washing machine.  Once this item has been washed and dried you are good to wear. 
Wear your Gator gear around the pool

Go Gators!!!!

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