Congrats Swimmers of the Week: Week 2

What overwhelming feedback we have gotten about our swimmers of the week.  It is great to see the positive messages on Facebook to remind these kids they are doing a great job.  Our swimmers are amazing!

Week 2 Male swimmer of the week:  Kai Langan
Kai is our male swimmer of the week for his excellent attitude and work ethic in practice.  Kai saw his hard work pay off this past weekend when he qualified for State in his 50 breaststroke, something he has been working toward the past two summers.  Every morning Kai comes to practice in a great mood with a positive attitude, something we as coaches love to see.  Keep up the great work Kai!

Week 2 Female swimmer of the week:  Emma Berg
Emma is the female swimmer of the week for her tenacity in leading lanes in practice and her support of other swimmers at this past meet.  Emma continues to be an excellent role model for our younger swimmers, both in her attitude in practice and her support for others.  In addition, Emma saw a 5 second drop in her 100 breaststroke this weekend, qualifying her for League.  Well done Emma!

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