Swim Buddies revised

I am publishing a revised swim buddy list as there were a few adds.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.  Thanks for all the swimmers for supporting each other.  Don’t forget to check your swimmer files as I have seen some notes in there. (Highlighted names have changed)

Male Swim Buddies
Little Buddy Big Buddy
Jack Donati Alex Granquist
Conor Sharpe Nathan Whittenburg
Jonas Belcher Kaden Fuller
Nick Langan Brett Edwards
Jake Swanson Ben Hofstra
Charles Wahlberg Isaac Perez-Williams
Jakey Skimel Jaimen Whittenburg
Elias Hutchison Marc Felton
Owen Berg Spencer Coffey
Everett Tompkins Jackson Voss
Dominic Anderson Evan Neuroth
Kai Langan Connor Brauch
Michael Skimel Harry Wahleberg
David Neuroth Mason Friedrichs
Ben Swanson Ethan Ballard
Sonny Donati John Neuroth
Justin Collins Beck Nicholson
Patrick Davis Eli Sammon
Noah Slowey Carder Berridge

Female Swim Buddies
Little Buddy Big Buddy
Teagan Fuller Anastasia Davis
Lucy Bell Katy Haerbig
Whitney Price Lucielle Wright
Lexi Ballard and Charlize Smith Kati Livingood
Delaney Lucero Opal Perez-Williams
Anisa Valdez Alex Gibbons
Lily Strong Lexi Merrill
Leah Felton Kayli Langan
McKinley Longley Elisa Pickett
Norah Belcher Kylie Knutson
Sophia Coffey Taryn McGraw
Scarlett Baker Rachel Warren
Alex Strong Madison Merrill
Taetum Fuller Lexie Lamping
Addy Berg Sammy Skrzekut
Maddie Friedrichs Emma Neuroth
Taylor Guenther Megan Cooper
Kiana Good Emma Forney
Rachel Bakkum Megan Snelling
Mia Slowey Emily Ballard
Tenley Fuller Anna Granquist
Brooke Tompkins Sidney Tonkin
Isabel Ballard Ianna Debrunner
Makenna Maloch Emma Berg
Lucy Voss Emma Phillips
Jensen Wehri Marie Handy
Lily Bell Taylor Haerbig
Allison Duong Elsa Debrunner
Neva Nicholson Lily Sharpe

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