Swimmers of the week

It is hard to think that we are almost done with swimmer of the week as we will be done swimming soon.  We have amazing kids on our team!

Male Swimmer of the Week:  Conor Sharpe
Conor qualified for league in the 25 free for the first time this past weekend!  This came after a real tough week in practice but that didn’t phase him.  Conor has been the chief negotiator for his lanes in practice, making sure to keep us coaches on our toes.  With his quick wit, Conor is routinely a joy in practice.  The coaches are very excited to see Conor swim in his first league meet, where we know he’s gonna do great.  Good job Conor!
Female Swimmer of the Week:  Rachel Bakkum
Rachel qualified for league after she dropped a ton of time in her 25 fly at the Intrasquad.  Rachel loves to compete both in practice and in the meets.  In practice she’s always gunning to lead the lane and to complete each set first.  She has no fear of any of the strokes or races.  She is a bundle of endless energy that is willing to try hard in any set and also encourage others in her lane to do the same.  Great job Rachel!  

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