Don't Forget! Officials Training Session Next Sunday

New officials must attend one of the classroom training sessions (4/29, 5/20 or 5/23) and the in-water demo on 5/23. After the training, you will shadow a veteran official for two meets (intrasquad meets count). Plan on the training session taking approximately one hour.

  • Sunday, 4/29 @ 2:30pm Green Mountain Rec Center (training)
  • Sunday, 5/20 @ 4:30pm Green Mountain Rec Center (training)
  • Wednesday, 5/23 @ 6pm (training) and 7pm (in-water demo) Applewood Knolls
  • Sunday, 6/1 @ 2:30pm Green Mountain Rec Center (training; returning officials only)

If you have any questions, send them my way. Thank you! Dave

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