Meet Volunteers: Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the meet on Saturday, especially those who double volunteered to fill in the gaps!! As a reminder, every family needs to volunteer/sign up for at least one shift at every meet that you attend. If your kid is there, you need to be helping. We can’t do it without you. Seriously, we can’t do it without your help.

Saturday Meet vs. AAC:  We will be swimming at the Applewood Athletic pool on Saturday. Apparently they are having some construction done on a new shed that will effect both where we can sit/setup and whether or not they have electricity. We may be going old school with candlelit bathrooms and paper only time keeping.  Results may not be posted on race day, so please be patient. And if they tell you to sit somewhere else, just smile and say OK.

Freestyle Frenzy: We have a meet on Sunday that is a fundraiser for our swim team (all times are official and do count towards league and state). Your child must have a “B” time or better in one of the freestyle disciplines (400 free, 200 free, 100 free, 50 free or 25 free) to qualify.  Please check your results times from the Instrasquad and the 5Parks meet against the FSA Qual Times sheet.  If your child does not have a B time, then it is at the discretion of the coahes if they think they might get a B time at the AAC meet. Questions can be directed to the coaches.

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