Change of Venue for Saturday Meet vs. AAC

Please note the Saturday meet against Applewood Athletic has been moved to our pool.  AAC is still going to “host” the meet which means that they will run the heating shed, computer results table, concessions, etc but will do this from our pool.  We will not need to “staff up” our volunteers like a normal home meet, but we still need a small bit of help like at our away meets. The GMSC Pool Board was kind enough to give us the pool until 11:00 am on Saturday because of our emergency situation of not having somewhere to swim on Saturday. A HUGE thanks!! However, this does mean that we might have to cut relays from the event and/or go down to two events per swimmer. Please have your swimmer sign up as usual for the meet (3 events and relays if they want) and understand that some of this might get cut.  The schedule of events will be set before the meet starts and there will be no deck entries on the day of the meet. Thanks for being so understanding and please say thank you to any pool board member that you might run into!

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