Swimmers of the Week (week of 6/11/18)

Female Swimmer of the Week: Camille Anderson
Camille was a champion of lane four this week, keeping on track with the intervals and completing the sets with her best effort. She consistently practices excellent technique and is a great example for her teammates. She crushed it at the meet, posting great times in the relays and her individuals and always followed any advice we gave her. Nice job Camille!

Male Swimmer of the Week: Everett Tompkins
Everett has been an excellent role model in the smaller 9-10 practice. He keeps up with the intervals and doesn’t mess around when he is supposed to be swimming, giving it his all in every set. This showed in the meet when he dropped lots of time in his 50 back and 100 free. Also, everyone should be like Everett and come ask for advice before and after their races! Way to go Everett!

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