Swim Buddies! (Finally)

Hello Gators! I am finally getting around to posting the swim buddies so here they are.

Anastasia – Scarlett
Kati – Maddie
Taryn – Leah F
Kayla – Whitney
Emma N – Taetum
Marie – Lexi B
Lea G – Charlize
Emma B – Izzy
Megan – Teagan
Olivia – Mia, Lucy V
Lexi M – Kamiree
Anna – Jessa
Alia – Lily B
Lucille – Jensen
Maddy M – Lily S
Lexi L – Neva
Camille – Anisa
Brooke – Beth
Sammy – Taylor
Kimya – Addy

Will L – Everett, Ben S
Nathan – Nick
John – Dominic
Keagan – Kai
Brett – Charles
Harry – David, Jake S
Jack – Jakey
Kaden – Owen
Willam K – Eli
Riley – Noah

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