We are excited to announce our 2019 Summer Coaching Staff! We searched high and low and discovered a whole bunch a great talent right in our midst!
Head Coach:  BEN HOFSTRA will lead the team this summer.  He has coached with the Gators for the last two years as an Assistant Coach and a Clinic coach.  Ben has great relationships with our current swimmers and brings a multitude of swimming knowledge to the pool.
Assistant Coach:  LEXIE LAMPING will coach our 9-12 Division.  She is currently assisting with the GMHS Boys Swim and Dive Team and is passionate about all things swimming-related. Lexie is full of Gator spirit and takes a hands-on approach that will help our swimmers succeed this summer.

Assistant Coach:  EMMA BERG will coach our 8 & Under Division.  Emma was a Junior Coach last season and has been an in-water clinic coach for the last two years. Emma has a strong background in coaching the technical side of swimming and connecting with our youngest swimmers. She is excited to cultivate our youngest group into proud Gator swimmers.

Junior Coach: AVA ANDERSON will be our in-water coach for our 8 & Under swimmers, working with Emma.  Ava has been our in-water coach at clinics for 2 sessions and has been fantastic with our newest swimmers.  She is a top-level competitive swimmer, so she is very familiar with proper stroke technique.  She is a great teacher and makes it a lot of fun for the kids.

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