Swimmers of the Week

After some tough consideration, the first two swimmers of the week have been decided! This decision is based on performance in both practices and meets, and an overall positive attitude. The choice was difficult to say the least, as so many of our swimmers are starting off strong and with smiles on their faces. But without further ado, the two swimmers of the week are Tenley Fuller and Dominic Anderson. Come find me at practice for a toy gator and a $5 Dairy Queen gift card.
Tenley has been trying extra hard in practice this week with the goal to move up to the top lane with all her friends, and that effort has not gone unnoticed. On top of that, she swam in both the 5 Parks meet and the freestyle frenzy this weekend, and worked interactively with her coaches to perform “swimingly.” As the cherry on top, she was one of the five winners of the gator toss at the end of the freestyle frenzy. Good job Tenley!
Dominic has also been exceeding in practice, and he swam both meets this weekend. He swam out of his mind at 5 Parks, and got first place in his age group at the freestyle frenzy. Dominic, if you keep up the good work you are sure to improve faster than your dad can start a race. Good job Dominic!

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