Swim Team Updates

Spring Swim Clinic:  swim clinic is cancelled through the remainder of the dates. We owe many of you refunds and will be working on that as soon as possible.

Summer Swim Team:  We are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. See below for the official statement from the Colorado State Summer Swim Club Association:

The CSSCSA board is aware that the coronavirus may impact swimming during the summer of 2020. The state meet dates of July 24 – 26 CANNOT be changed. As of now, the board is monitoring the situation and realizes that some schedule changes, particularly in the early part of the season (June) may need to happen.  As the situation changes almost daily, NO decisions have yet to be made.  Likely no decisions will be made until we are much closer to the summer season. We will try to let everyone know what our plans are when more information is available.

We will keep everyone updated. We are as eager as you. Stay safe and stay active. 

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