Swim Club Membership is Open

 Swim Club Memberships are open NOW and are on SALE until 4/18.

Family Membership Price: The price for a family membership will be $495 for families who join by April 18th, and then it will increase to the standard price of $550. 

For returning members from 2019 and 2020: For prior members from recent years, the primary account holder will receive an email invoice for renewing your membership this weekend. Simply follow the instructions in the email in order to renew your membership. Please note that you will be able to add a “Plus One” to your account for your babysitter or nanny, if needed. If a previous member and not renewing this year, you can ignore the email invoice(s) and your account will expire before the start of the 2021 season. 

For new members: Our new, updated website will be live by this Sunday, April 11th. You will be able to complete your membership application and pay dues via the website. If you do need to add a nanny or babysitter, please add the Plus One to your Family Membership. We do anticipate increased demand this year so please join early.

Click here for more details from the Swim Club.

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