Week of June 7th

Practice: the usual laps. Swim fast gators.

Dual Meet:  Saturday 6-12 @ GMSC vs. 5 Parks. – warm up for GMST @ 6:00 am. Yep 6am!
5Parks is a big team. Please prepare to be in a crowd. If you are unvaccinated, the CDC recommends wearing a mask outside in this type of situation.  You can certainly plant yourself on the hill and watch from a distance or grab a free mask from the concession area. 

A few swim meet reminders:
– Relays: If your swimmer signs up for the meet and checks the boxes to do a relay, they are expected to stay for their relays. If they can’t make the relay, it is the swimmers responsibility to let their Coach know ASAP so that the Coach can try to find a replacement. This puts everyone in a tricky spot, so please tell your swimmers to only sign up for a relay if they know they will be there. Also, not all swimmers will get a relay. You need four kids and sometimes the number of swimmers in an age group just don’t work out for everyone to get a relay. The coaches will do their best.
– The parent volunteer link is posted for our Saturday meet.
– Virtual Meet Results: We have posted the GMST only virtual results. As soon as we receive the combined results from Golden and AAC we will post those as well. 

Tie-Dye & Ice Cream Party:
We had to delay our tie-dye party and we now have a date!  Join us on Wednesday 6/16 @ 5:00pm for some creative team spirited fun.  We will be selling our white Gator t-shirts and tank tops for $5 and the whole family is welcome to join in to tie-dye their gear. We will have expert creative consultants onsite to help out. Ice cream will be served around 6:00pm.  You are also welcome to bring your own shirt or tank to dye. You do not have to buy our gear in order to participate. 
Note: this is NOT a pool party. We will only be using the grounds of the swim club for our creative fun, but please do not plan to swim. (The pool will not be staffed up to handle that).

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