This Week (7/5) in Gator News:

 We have a lot of updates to take us through the end of the season… please read.

Monday 7/5: no practice due to holiday

Wednesday 7/7: Final Intrasquad – warm up @5:00pm / start @ 5:30pm  sign up here to volunteer

Saturday 7/10:  We will swim against AAC.  Their pool is not allowing meets due to COVID, so AAC is coming to our pool and will host the meet.  This means a lot less work for us, but we will still need volunteers (just not as many as a normal home meet). This is our last official meet of the season before we move into League and State (see below)  sign up here to volunteer

Sunday 7/11:  5 Parks will be hosting a “Last Chance Meet”.  Your swimmer would ONLY swim in this meet if they have a “B” time or better, are trying to make a League or State time and approved by Coach Emma.  This is not a standard meet where all swimmers would go. We will only have limited swimmers and maybe not have any at all.  Also, if your swimmer does goes, please know that you will need to time and help out. Coach Emma can talk your swimmers through this. sign up with Coach Emma

Ribbons:  Many of the teams are not doing ribbons and all 2nd Place ribbons are on back order.  This year is sort of a “you get what you get” kind of year. Sorry to all the disappointed swimmers who really want those.

Wednesday 7/14:  Team Movie Night – If weather permits we will host a team movie night after the pool closes from 8-10pm. Kids can wear their pajamas, bring blankets and pillows and be together as we eat popcorn and watch a soon-to-be-determined-kid-appropriate movie.  It’s a fun team function that feels special to be at the pool so late. No swimsuits please. This is not a swimming function. 

League 7/16-7/18:  We will know what’s happening with League by Friday 7/9. We have two options right now that our Foothills Swim Association is finalizing. For sure:  League 400s will be hosted by Golden at Splash on either Thursday 7/15 or Friday 7/16 at 5:00pm in addition… Option 1: League will be hosted by Stingrays at the Columbine West pool (this is different than the Columbine Knolls pool) either all day on Saturday 7/17 or split into two days for upper and lower division. Only League qualifiers would be invited. Option 2: 3 teams host a tri-meet on Saturday 7/17 (all swimmers invited) and then all times are combined to determine league winners.  Option 2 is the back up plan if Option 1 falls through.

State:  State is an absolute cluster this year with Central Park (formerly Stapleton) at the helm.  It is so messy that they haven’t actually planned it yet or hired any officials. They have said that they will offer their pool, but will not have parking, heating, concessions, seating or anything else that would be needed to actually have the meet. Also, no large events are allowed in Central Park right now. So in essence, it’s a no go.  Here is what FSA has planned instead.  We will host an ALL STAR CHAMPIONS weekend with all of our State swimmers. All FSA teams will get together on Saturday 7/24 with all qualified State swimmers to swim it out for ultimate glory!

Team Banquet:  Just a reminder that we will have our team banquet on Wednesday, July 21st at 5:00pm at the pool.  GMSC will close the pool for us as we gather to celebrate our 2021 season.  We will have a more detailed list of what food to bring (one dish to share per family), awards for all the kids and generally laugh at the absurdity this year brought.  We sincerely hope your family can join us. 

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