League Updates!!

 There has been a LOT of movement behind the scenes, so here is the plan…

Practice week of 7/12: this week is normally reserved for League swimmers only. However, we have one more meet on Saturday (see below). If you plan to attend the Tri-meet or League, then you can attend practice. If not, then your swimmer is done practicing for the season.

“Tri-Meet/Last Chance/Let’s Get it Done Meet!”:  Saturday, July 17th
We will host a tri-meet @ GMSC with AAC and Stingrays. All swimmers welcome. Note, there will be no 400’s at this meet and the relays teams that are League relay teams will have their times counted for the League meet. Warm up time will be @ 6am for the Gators. more details to follow this weekend.

Note: your swimmer must have a League time to qualify for this event AND they must sign up with coach Emma.  Teams pay for each entry for League, so your swimmer will not be automatically signed up. Each swimmer can only swim a maximum of 3 events and they can only choose races that they have League or State times in.

Thursday, July 15 @ 5:30pm @ Splash
event: 400’s only

Sunday, July 18 @ Columbine West
events: all events except 400s and only 1 relay team/event/team allowed
session breakdown:  we don’t know yet. It may be an ALL day meet or it might be broken up into lower division in the morning and upper division in the afternoon. Details are still being worked out. Our seasons normally aren’t so unorganized but you know, 2020 happened. Thank you for sticking with it.

State – All Star Champions Meet!
Saturday, July 24 @ Splash
State swimmers only. Details to follow soon. (Again, it is still being worked out, but we know that it is happening)

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