League Updates (as of 7/12/21)

Some of these details are the same, but I wanted to put everything in one update so we are all on the same page.

@ Splash in Golden
warm ups @: 5:30pm
start time @: 6:00 pm
** We need 2 timers from our team for the meet. I don’t have a sign up. Just let me know at the meet if you can time. **

@ Columbine West Pool in Littleton
warm up starts/turns only. We are waiting for our slot but it will be between 6-6:45 am – please watch the “up Next” section of the blog for this update., along with the address of the pool.
start time @: 7:00 am
end time @:  Maybe 3 or 4pm. It will be a long day
Order of Events:  the order of events will be the standard format with 1 exception. The meet will start with the medley relays (since the 400s were swam on Thursday) and end with the Free relays. All age groups will run throughout the day. Yep, it will be a LONG day!
Relays:  As of now, they are allowing an A Relay and a B Relay from each team for each event.  If they seed them meet and find out that it is going too long, then the B Relays will be dropped. We won’t know until later in the week.
Parking: (see attached map) – Please use the Elementary school just south of the pool.  If you do park in the neighborhood please be considerate of driveways, parking too close to stop signs, corners, and fire hydrants and pay close to NO PARKING SIGNS.  There are a couple right across the street from the pool.  There will be extra sheriff patrols throughout the day to make sure we are behaving!
Spectators: You will NOT be allowed to camp out/set up inside on the pool deck. Please set up near our team tent. Each team has been pre-assigned an area (see map). You don’t need to talk to us (for those introverted families) but you will need to be near us.
Concessions: There will be concessions, however please pack accordingly for your family and swimmer. Stingrays concessions are planning on providing a $5 lunch combo including hamburgers, brats, chips, and a drink.   

Notes: All entries are due on Wednesday by Noon. Your swimmer must tell Coach Emma by Wednesday morning what they are swimming. They will not be automatically entered. We know it will be a long day. If your family/swimmer commits to be there, we fully except you to stay until the end if your swimmer is in the free relay. We also need help with timing for the meet. Our team was assigned timing + timing coordination. We got SUPER lucky with our assignments. I will have a sign up as soon as the timing shifts/numbers are confirmed.

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