Quick Action Needed

 Hello Gator Families- please take a minute to stop by the pool and gather all your items that are in the swimmer file box.  I can tell that many files have not been checked this entire season.  Grab your stuff before school starts or you head out of town for college.

The box is at the front check-in counter of the pool and the snack shack kids can’t wait to help you wade through it.

State Ribbons/Medals are in! Well, sort of. They made it clear that we “got what we got” and then they ran out of ribbons. I have no idea what might be missing. It does appear that all 1st, 2nd and3rd place medals were awarded. If your swimmer is missing a ribbon, all I can say is sorry and you owe your swimmer some DQ to cheer them up.

AAC vs Stingrays vs GMST ribbons were delivered! Those are in your swimmer file as well.

Extra Gator medallion/key chains are available in the swimmer box if you would like one. Parents are welcome to take one too. Available while supplies last.

Other items:  ribbons from past events, swimmer race sheets, stickers, last year’s items that were never picked up and probably more. 

Thanks again for making the 2021 season so joyful and rewarding. If you will be 18 or younger on May 15, 2022 we hope to see you back in gator waters next season!!

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