Gator Spring Clinic

We have secured the Green Mountain Rec Center for our Spring Swim Clinic. The Rec Center is still closed on Sundays due to budget cuts, so clinic will be on Saturdays for a 10-week session.

Day:       SATURDAYS
Dates:     2/26/22 – 5/7/22 (skipping 3/19 for spring break)
Cost:      $100 (We do not pro-rate the session)
Payment:  cash or check due on first clinic date
Register:   click here to register

12 and under:   3:00 – 4:00 pm*
13 and older:  4:00 – 5:00 pm*
*Note: we will have 2 sessions if we get enough swimmers. If we are light on swimmers, than all ages will be at 3pm. You will be notified before the first session.

Head Coach:  Ethan Schick
Assistant Coach:  Devon Garls
Junior Coaches (In-Water):  Lily Bell, Leah Felton, Neva Nicholson

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