Swim Suit Fitting + Summer Registration

We have been busy in the off-season getting ready for our summer season. 35 days and counting!  Please see below for important updates (and pass this email on to any friends/neighbors that might have kids interested in the team).

New Website:  We have moved our blog to a new site  https://gmstgators.com/

For any and all updates about the team, please head to our new site.  We will be uploading the subscriber list soon so that you can stay informed. Until then, please visit directly.

Team Swim Suit Fitting:  Our team suit day will be this Saturday, April 23rd from 2:30 – 4pm @ The Green Mountain Rec Center.  As a reminder, team suits are optional, but most kids generally do choose to wear the team suit. If you can not make this date, just shoot us an email and we’ll talk you through suit ordering.

Summer Registration: We are set and ready to receive your swimmers!  Head to blog or go directly to the registration link here.

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