Saturday Meet + Night Practices

Saturday Meet: We have our first dual meet on Saturday with the Stingrays. We both have large teams, so the meet will be 5-6 hours long. We still need volunteers. Please click here for the direct link to sign up:

Meet Reminders:
-Grass: we are still staying off the lower grass and slopes. You are welcome to head to the upper grass area and spread out. Walking over the grass is fine. Just don’t set up and stay on the new grass.
– Heating Shed and Blocks: you are welcome to get your swimmer to the heating shed. This helps us stay on time. After that parents should not be in the heating shed area or behind the blocks. Only timers, swimmers and coaches are allowed on that part of the deck.
– Questions for the coaches: Please wait until after the meet to ask the coaches questions or seek out a Board Member who will have more time to spend with you. For safety reasons, we need our coaches to keep eyes on the pool and swimmers and not get distracted while they are coaching. If there are kids in the water, then their attention will be there. Thanks for understanding.

Night Practices start next week!
Night practices are for upper division only (13 years and older).
Tuesdays / Thursdays from 8:00 – 9:00pm
Note: all upper division swimmers that would like to join in these practices must talk to Coach Emma or Coach Ethan. We will not hold practice if we aren’t getting swimmers, so please don’t just show up without checking in with the coaches first.

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