Meet Results + More

This week’s updates:
Meet Saturday 6/11: This is an away meet at the Applewood Athletic Club. We will need 6 timers per shift (3 shifts) for this meet. The sign up is available here. Warm up is at 6:30 am.

Deciphering the Top Times report: you will see the following letters next to your swimmers times: small s then C, B, L, S or nothing.
– the small “s” just means seconds
– C and B times mean you are getting closer to a League time.
– L times are League times (and are also called “A” times on the Qual Time sheet)
-big “S” times are State times.
– If there is no letter, then it is considered a D time.
The Top times report will be updated after each dual meet and will simply have the fastest (or top time) for you swimmer in each individual event that they have swam up to that date.

Wednesday 6/15 @5:30-pm: Ice Cream Social / Tie-Dye Night! Back by popular demand. We missed putting this event on the calendar and have added it back. This is a NON-SWIMMING event and the whole family is welcome to participate. We will meet in the upper grass area to tie-dye shirts and eat ice cream. We will have white t-shirts and/or tank tops to sell or you are welcome to bring your own shirt, socks, shorts, etc. We will supply the dye, gloves and expertise at this fun event. We ask that you only tie-dye one item.

Photos of the team: If you are on Facebook head over to our site Green Mountain Swim Team. We have posted pictures from Saturday’s meet. We will also have a professional photographer take team/individual pictures on Wednesday 6/29 at 7:30am, along with a pancake breakfast for the team.

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