This Week (6/13)

Wednesday 6/15: Tie-Dye and Ice Cream Social (5:30-7pm)
The whole family is welcome. This is a non-swimming event. We will be in the upper grass area with buckets of dye for the team to colorize their gator shirts/tanks/shorts/etc. We will have white gator shirts and tanks to sell, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Saturday 6/18: GMST vs. 5Parks @ GMSC
This will be our biggest dual meet of the season. Because both teams are so large, most swimmers are being asked to only sign up for 2 individual events so that we can be done with the meet before 1pm. 5Parks will be doing the same to help out. Just a heads up in case your kids are confused.

Meet Results from the AAC meet: We are still waiting on these. We will post as soon as we get them.

Reminder for Stroke Clinic: There is one sign up for all stroke clinics. If you would like your child to participate just click on the link below and the coaches will sort them into the clinics that will help your swimmer the most.
11 & Up Sign Up Here (8:15am-8:45am) // 10 & Under Sign Up Here (9:15am-9:45am)

Special Gator Awards: Our team has 3 special awards that we hand out at the end of the season that all swimmers can work towards. If your swimmer is motivated, you can tell them about these…..
Iron Gator: the swimmer must swim in all individual events in their age group and receive a time (DQ’s do not count). This is a great way to encourage your swimmer to try an event they may not really like.
Steel Gator: the swimmer must swim in all individual events in their age group and receive a League time in each event.
Golden Gator: the swimmer must swim in all individual events in their age group and receive a State time in each event.

Ken Caryl Invite: This is our invitation event on Saturday 6/24 and 6/25. Click here for more details on date/time for age groups. Your swimmer must have a qualifying time to compete at this event. KCI sets the times and they do not correlate with our League or State times. We will have a sign up sheet that will simply ask, “If you qualify for KCI, do you want to swim?”. PLEASE NOTE!! There is an additional fee to the team to participate in this special event. You will not be charged, but we don’t want to waste money or scrap relays because your swimmer can’t make it after they were registered. Please do not sign up if you know you will be out of town. Thank you.

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