Let’s Talk About Ken Caryl

We have an invitational meet next weekend. What does that mean for your swimmer? And how do you know if they’re qualified. What if they don’t qualify? Here’s all the details:
Step 1: All entries for KCI (Ken Caryl Invitational) are due this Sunday 6/19. The coaches have been asking the swimmers all week “If you qualify, do you want to swim at the meet?” Please make sure the coaches know if you are in or out for this meet, as it does cost the team a fee for each individual entry. (If your kids haven’t been at practice or won’t be able to tell the coaches in person before Sunday, please email gmstgators@gmail.com)
Step 2: Click on the attached file to see qualification times. Each event has a different qual time, so it is possible to qualify in zero races, 1 race, or more. All meets, including the Saturday 6/18 meet against 5Parks will count towards these qual times.
Step 3: The coaches will work on entries Saturday/Sunday. We may call you if we have questions.
Step 4: Show up to the meet! Especially if your kid is in a relay.

Upper Division is on Friday / Lower Division is on Saturday. Full details are on the website on the meet/practices tab or can be found here.

If your swimmer does not qualify, then you will have a bye on Saturday and will not have a meet. Woohoo! Time to sleep in. — Don’t worry! We are having Intrasquad #2 on Wednesday 6/22, so your swimmer will absolutely have a chance to swim in a meet that week.

As always, send us an email (gmstgators@gmail.com) if you have questions or stop a Board Member at the pool.

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