Week of 6/20 Intrasquad + Invitational Weekend

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Summary of Next 2 Weeks (so you know what’s coming)
Wednesday 6/22: Intrasquad #2
Friday/Saturday 6/24-6/25: Ken Caryl Invitational
Sunday 6/26: AAC Pentathlon Invitational
Monday 6/27: Upper Division practice starts at 7am (due to long coaching weekend)
Wednesday 6/29: Pictures Pancakes and WaterWorld
Saturday 7/2: BYE weekend. No meets

Intrasquad: all entries are due by Tuesday morning. We will have pizza and hot dogs to sell at the meet, plus Gator Gear. Please note: the pool closes at 5pm and this is also when our warm up starts. Please be respectful of all members who ae packing up their thing (and may want to stay to watch the meet).

Ken Caryl Invitational: Entries will be posted Monday. Please check and make sure you know when/what your swimmer is doing. Coach Ethan will be on deck Friday/ Coaches Emma/Kayli will be on deck Saturday. (Monday’s practice following Ken Caryl will have delayed start for Upper Division – 7am.)

Pentathlon: We just found out the Pentathlon is a go. Swimmers must be qualified in 4 out of 5 events (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, IM) in order to go to this meet. We only have a select group that meets the criteria. The coaches will reach out directly to anyone who is qualified to gauge interest. We may or may not attend this meet based on swimmer interest.

Pictures/Pancakes/Waterworld: We will not have swim practice on this day. Instead we will have pictures starting at 7:30am. Please wear your team suite (if you have one). We will take a team photo and individual pictures (if you want them of your swimmer). We will then serve the kids Gatorcakes. For those that want to continue the fun (this it 100% optional), we will head to WaterWorld. A team link for discount tickets can be found on the side bar. We will set up an area for the team to gather and then everyone is free to explore the park, high-five their teammates as they pass them on rides and play a game of “find the Coach”.

Blogsite: If you are using our blogsite from your phone, use the full address to avoid errors: https://gmstgators.wordpress.com/homepage/
Go to the MENU tab at the top
This will allow you to easily see all of the side bar information that is on the full website.

Final Note about Meet Sign Ups: If you sign up, please show up. We have encountered a lot of swimmers that are signing up and then not attending the meet. This throws off relays, causes additional work for the Data Dadz and the Shed Boyz, and takes time away from coaching as they are trying to track down swimmers. It’s OK if you can’t make a meet. We get it! Please make sure you are not signing up if you will be out of town or at another event. Thanks.

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