Just wanted to say great job and thanks to everyone who came out to the pool to participate in our intrasquad meet tonight! It was a bit chaotic, we know, and a bit cold once the sun set, but hopefully everyone had a great time!

A reminder – NO PRACTICE until Tuesday! We have GMHS graduation Friday (Julie and I both have to get to go to graduation) then a holiday Monday. Enjoy the weekend and let’s hope for some warmer weather next week!

A final note, if any of your swimmers (new or old!) are feeling discouraged about a disqualification or what they feel like is a slow time, it should be remembered that:

A) we’ve had ONE practice!! This was just an orientation!

B) everyone gets disqualified in breaststroke/butterfly at LEAST once. I dq’ed in the breaststroke the first 4 times I swam it. Coach Julie still disqualifies regularly.

C) no day that ends with an ice cream social can be a bad day.

Here’s a good practice tip for anyone struggling with a kicking problem – while you’re at home watching TV, lay on your back, put your hands under your bottom and practice the kick – over and over and over again. Watch the movement of your feet, knees and the direction your toes are pointing. And if you’re not sure how the kick should look, I promise, you’ll hear plenty about it over the next few weeks!

Happy Memorial day, we’ll see you all Tuesday!

Some quick reminders/calendar update!

Don’t forget –

Intrasquad TONIGHT! This will be very low key. I know that the majority of the team probably hasn’t even been in the water yet so this is little more than a nice warm-up and an opportunity for new families to get accustomed to how the meet process works. We’ll be hosting 4 or 5 meets this year, so it’s vital that everyone understands how the process of running a meet goes, as well as the importance of volunteering!

Be there by 5:30! That’s when we’ll start our parent meeting and warm-ups!


Some people have had trouble with the calendar because as it turns out, you must have a google account to access it. Oops!

So I published another version of the calendar, but it’s pretty unreadable and you could spend all day clicking on each event trying to figure out what’s going on. My suggestion would be to follow the button I’ve published below and take two minutes to create yourself an account! Google won’t do anything with your information and it’s very easy to sign up.

Once you’ve done that, the calendar you can access by clicking the button is much more functional, and is also printable. Just remember that it’s always subject to change, so it’s probably worth checking online every once in a while, even if you’ve printed it out.

Have a great day! See everyone tonight!

– Luke

Hate to do it but…

No swimming this afternoon.. It’s a blustery 48 and even if the rain/hail/lightening/wind were to stop, that’s just too cold to be swimming outdoors safely.

That said, I will be at the club at 7 p.m. with running shoes (and my inhaler) ready to run. Unless it’s still pouring rain, in which case I’ll be sitting in my car shivering and telling you to go home.

But if the weather is clear, anyone is welcome to join me for a little jog. If you’re an upper division swimmer you should be there.

Hope everyone has a great day, DON’T FORGET, parents meeting/intrasquad warm-up at 5:30 tomorrow (Thursday)! Please be there!

Oh, and bring your favorite ice cream topping to share for our ice cream social afterwards. I’ll be bringing old coffee grounds (delicious on vanilla), so if you don’t want that you should bring something else!

– Luke

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Weather watch…

So the skys are clear(ish) and the temp is warm(ish) right now, but the forecast for tonight isn’t pretty..

Stay tuned to the blog, I’ll post updates as we get closer (good thing I have nothing else to do..) but tentatively, we’re still on.

Unless it’s pouring rain, we’ll still do something active, even if we can’t get in. Luke needs to lose his gut.

Bring a pair of socks and sneakers to the pool as a backup! Look for another update around 4 p.m.

– Luke


For those of you who may have been wondering…

Practice is canceled today (Tuesday) because of weather (unless you really want to swim in the 48 degree air)

Some other important reminders..

Thursday 24th –

5:30 p.m. – Parent Meeting

6 p.m. – Intrasquad meet (Ice cream social afterwards)

Friday 25th –

NO PRACTICE! (GMHS graduation)

Remember, the schedule is a bit, uh, screwy the first few weeks, so PLEASE check the calendar (right sidebar) to make sure you are up to date!

See you all tomorrow (hopefully..) Check the blog if the weather is bad for practice status.

– Luke

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Startin up!


Don’t forget! We have our first official practice MONDAY, MAY 21 at the swim club! The pool is full and the weather has been nice (so far..) so we’re ready to roll!

Practice will be after school for 2 weeks, running through June 1 when everyone is on summer break (your coaches have been on break for what, 2 weeks now?)

Times are as follow:

6 p.m. – 7 p.m. – 8-unders, 9-10’s, 11-12’s

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. – Upper Division

We are looking at adding another hour if attendance warrants such. Watch the blog for updates!


We will be having our first intrasquad meeting THIS Thursday, MAY 24 at the swim club! The intent of this meet is not only to get the kids excited for the season, but also to allow new families and swimmers the opportunity to learn how our meets work.

Watch the blog for further updates! We’ll see everyone at the pool!

– Luke

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