Hate to do it but…

No swimming this afternoon.. It’s a blustery 48 and even if the rain/hail/lightening/wind were to stop, that’s just too cold to be swimming outdoors safely.

That said, I will be at the club at 7 p.m. with running shoes (and my inhaler) ready to run. Unless it’s still pouring rain, in which case I’ll be sitting in my car shivering and telling you to go home.

But if the weather is clear, anyone is welcome to join me for a little jog. If you’re an upper division swimmer you should be there.

Hope everyone has a great day, DON’T FORGET, parents meeting/intrasquad warm-up at 5:30 tomorrow (Thursday)! Please be there!

Oh, and bring your favorite ice cream topping to share for our ice cream social afterwards. I’ll be bringing old coffee grounds (delicious on vanilla), so if you don’t want that you should bring something else!

– Luke

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