Some quick reminders/calendar update!

Don’t forget –

Intrasquad TONIGHT! This will be very low key. I know that the majority of the team probably hasn’t even been in the water yet so this is little more than a nice warm-up and an opportunity for new families to get accustomed to how the meet process works. We’ll be hosting 4 or 5 meets this year, so it’s vital that everyone understands how the process of running a meet goes, as well as the importance of volunteering!

Be there by 5:30! That’s when we’ll start our parent meeting and warm-ups!


Some people have had trouble with the calendar because as it turns out, you must have a google account to access it. Oops!

So I published another version of the calendar, but it’s pretty unreadable and you could spend all day clicking on each event trying to figure out what’s going on. My suggestion would be to follow the button I’ve published below and take two minutes to create yourself an account! Google won’t do anything with your information and it’s very easy to sign up.

Once you’ve done that, the calendar you can access by clicking the button is much more functional, and is also printable. Just remember that it’s always subject to change, so it’s probably worth checking online every once in a while, even if you’ve printed it out.

Have a great day! See everyone tonight!

– Luke

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