Just wanted to say great job and thanks to everyone who came out to the pool to participate in our intrasquad meet tonight! It was a bit chaotic, we know, and a bit cold once the sun set, but hopefully everyone had a great time!

A reminder – NO PRACTICE until Tuesday! We have GMHS graduation Friday (Julie and I both have to get to go to graduation) then a holiday Monday. Enjoy the weekend and let’s hope for some warmer weather next week!

A final note, if any of your swimmers (new or old!) are feeling discouraged about a disqualification or what they feel like is a slow time, it should be remembered that:

A) we’ve had ONE practice!! This was just an orientation!

B) everyone gets disqualified in breaststroke/butterfly at LEAST once. I dq’ed in the breaststroke the first 4 times I swam it. Coach Julie still disqualifies regularly.

C) no day that ends with an ice cream social can be a bad day.

Here’s a good practice tip for anyone struggling with a kicking problem – while you’re at home watching TV, lay on your back, put your hands under your bottom and practice the kick – over and over and over again. Watch the movement of your feet, knees and the direction your toes are pointing. And if you’re not sure how the kick should look, I promise, you’ll hear plenty about it over the next few weeks!

Happy Memorial day, we’ll see you all Tuesday!

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