The official intrasquad post…

OK first, if you’re reading this now, go to bed! We have practice in like, 7 hours…

We’ll be having our second official intrasquad tomorrow (Wednesday!) night at the pool!


Pool close/warm-up start: 5:30 p.m.
Meet start: 6:00 p.m.
Event sign-up: Morning practice/at the meet*

That little * means this – I would like, ideally, for every swimmer that is physically capable of swimming every event during the season to do just that – at least once. This is a great opportunity to knock out some of those odd events you wouldn’t normally swim in a meet. So here’s the deal:

UNLESS you need to re-swim an event again to qualify for Ken Caryl/Pentathlon, I want you swimming new events. Upper division – 3 NEW events. 9-12’s 2 NEW events. 8-unders, just do what Julie says…

Remember, there are no limits on how many events you can swim, you just better get some new ones in there.. I’ll re-emphasize this during practice and at the meet, but I’ll have my little book out, checking you.

Make sure you swim the events you need to qual in before anything else! A list of Ken Caryl qualifiers will be posted at practice tomorrow, and for Pentathlon you need a B time in 4/5 events (fly, back, breast, free, IM) to swim – ALL THIS SEASON!

We’ll also start sign-up for the meet vs Stingrays tomorrow, and first come, first serve! Events ARE being limited for this meet (except 50/25 free and backstroke) and once an event is full, it’s full… 5 swimmers per event! Relays are also being severely limited, so priority will be established in this way as well.

See ya in the morning! Send Gar(r)y the Gator a goodnight kiss…

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