4 down, a lot to go…

Compliments Agnes Debrunner

Hey everyone! Sorry for the recent post lapse, that intrasquad really took it out of me (actually practice this morning post-intrasquad took it out of me..) In fact, I was so tired this morning that I had an “at 6:30 in the morning this will be easier to demonstrate than discuss” followed very shortly after by an “oh no, my phone is in the pool” moment. Oops..

Anyways no time for the usual post-meet write-up but several people (read Duncan S, Sophie A, the Giustos, Ianna D, Daria R, ect…) had a really, really great meet. So congrats to them!

To those of you who have joked that you’d love to remove my ring with a pair of pliers – it’s a bit, umm, stuck now. I might have to take someone up on that…

I will post a list of CURRENTLY eligible swimmers for Ken Caryl/Pentathlon tonight! Please check this and if you ARE on the list and AREN’T attending Friday practice/Saturday meet you need to e-mail me your entries/your scratch.

ALSO – looking at the sign-up sheet I think a lot of kids who made practice missed sign-up… This is probably just due to some miscommunication but we’ll be extending the sign-up through morning practice Friday.

And if you can’t be there, just call me. Oh wait…

2 last notes – we’ve had 4 meets, and we’re only on our second week of morning practice! That said, if your swimmer does NOT qualify for pentathlon or Ken Caryl, you get that weekend OFF! C/D meet is either moving, or cancelling. There doesn’t seem to be anyone to host the thing, but it will NOT be that weekend.

Next, I’ve received numerous letters, calls, e-mails, visits and death comments over my wish to name the Gator – apparantly its name is Gary. I missed chats, chants and even a parade in his honor. What can I say, only one eye… I can’t be expected to catch everything.

Final comment – it’s been determined that coach Richard does NOT read this blog.. That said, I’m going to tell you an embarrassing fact about him in every post from now on until he sees it.

Fact (a warm-up..) – Richard once had an afro that he would pick out before school every day. I’ll post a picture if I can find one…

Have a great night!

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