Relays are posted!

You can view tomorrow’s relays here. Sorry, I know it’s late but I had 3 scratches and an add tonight… Couldn’t get these together much sooner. Anyways to view the doc you MIGHT need a google account. I think I’ll publish all of our results and top times this way as well if possible.. I’ll experiment with it.

Notice specifically that the 8-under girls relays are currently non-existent. That’s due to a last minute scratch that left us a little screwy, Julie will get them straightened out in the morning – we just don’t know who to expect at the meet.

Remember, little kids at 5:45, big ones get there by 6.

Finally, some of you may have noticed a new coach at practice today, Katie Klane.

Those of you who have been around the club for a while will certainly recognize her, she’s worked and swam at the club for years and years. She’s also my roommate and my teammate up at CU.

She’ll be joining us at the meet Saturday and then for practice all next week while Shelby, Richard and Julie go on trips. She’ll be working with all age groups during that time.

While her personal swimming resume is impressive (1 year at DI UNC and multiple collegiate club champion and record holder) she also has a lot of great coaching experience. She’s coached with Applewood Athletic Club the past two seasons and has been teaching lessons for many more. We’re thrilled that she’ll be helping out. She’s a great resource so please use her while she’s here!

And watch out, she gets a little crazy sometimes…

I dunno…

Fact – Richard has a collection of Kelly Clarkson songs on his iPod.

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