Monday night practice CANCELLED!

Hey everyone!

A few quick things..

1 – Monday night practice is canceled because there is a league meeting that I have to attend and Julie is out of town. So there will be no coaches available. Sorry!
2 – Ken Caryl entries, info and directions are posted! Check em over, notify me of mistakes!
3 – I’m still very much planning on writing about the meet Saturday, but the combination of Ken Caryl entries yesterday and Fathers Day today have put me a bit behind. The CD compilation of intrasquad photos (nearly 400) from Sean Hill that crashed my computer 4 times today didn’t help either…

Anyways Mr Hill worked from start to finish at that meet and there are so many great shots and almost every member of the team is in it, so as soon as my computer stops threatening to explode, I’ll get them online. Check back late Monday for more…

Oh, and we did win the meet, 427-375. And we were outnumbered, 105-76. Very nice. Everyone swam great, I couldn’t be prouder!

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