Playin catch-up!

Alright! Finally have some time…

Ken Caryl/Pentathlon

The meets this weekend were awesome! Despite having a rather tough week of practice, we had best swims for 9/10 races at KC, which I’m obviously very pleased with. Alex Sutherland, Ethan Schick, Kevin/Molly Kruse, Kelsey Bollig, Cassidy Stein and ALL the 8-unders had really excellent meets.

It was really fun to see the swimmers out pace their seeding in nearly every instance. In fact, it got to the point that by the end of the day Friday (uhh 10:30 p.m.) I could tell a swimmer to go and cut 10 seconds and it would happen. That’s the kind of confidence and attacking attitude that will make this a dangerous team come championship season.

For the final, we finished 9th out of 19 – beating out teams like Bear Creek, Governor’s Ranch and Greeley Country Club. Most of the 8 teams that did finish ahead of us (5 or 6) are traditionally division 1 teams at state – we should be very proud of our finish. Most impressive? The fact that we moved UP from 10th to 9th on day 2 (lower division), something that virtually never happens with us. It’s just another sign that we’re starting to garner the depth with our lower division to make us a solid, well-rounded team.



This week is Technique Week! Today we did butterfly and spent about 45 minutes talking on deck before we got in. Expect the same the rest of the week, but please make sure you’re ON TIME so you don’t miss any key points!! Wednesday is backstroke day! I’ll also be posting the videos I show as well as my stroke outline that we discuss so the swimmers can reference them again in the future, or catch up if they missed out! Watch for those this week!

Water Polo

Is now going to happen on Tuesday nights, rather than Wednesday mornings. This is in an effort to draw more people to night practice as well as provide swimmers who DON’T like polo a chance to have a cohesive practice every day.


I’ll get em up as soon as I can, still working for it..

Water World

Info at the pool! The date is July 5! It’s a good deal and a great time, make sure you’re there!

Weekend Meets

Sat – Gators @ Mt Vernon Country Club. Warm-up is 6:30 for lower division, 6:45 for upper division. Please be there 15 minutes before your warm-up, and allow time for travel! It’s off the Genesee Park exit on I-70, map available in the calendar! This is a meet against league and division rivals, a very good team. Come if you can, sign-up will be on Wednesday!
*NOTE – this is a yards pool! Note that when making cards! We’ll get a yards best times print-out at the pool ASAP!

Sun – C/D @ Wheat Ridge Rec Center! This is for swimmers who have not qualified for A/B times, and is really a helpful meet! Entries are DUE from us Thursday, so we can’t take anything late. Warm-up at 6:00 a.m.!

That’s it for now! Sorry to miss so many days, I hope this quenched your thirst…

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