Team Photos!

Grace Long will be in charge of organizing photos this year!

She will have envelopes with all of the necessary info in your folder at the pool Friday, it may not be until after practice.

Remember, swimmers should be at the pool ready for the photo(s) by 7:30 a.m. July 5th, please bring your suits and smiles, frowns will be methodically photoshopped from the main team photo and replaced with someone cuter and happier. Also, please try not to look nicer than me as I enjoy being the center of attention at all times. I’ll have a bucket of mud for you to smear on your face if this becomes a problem at any time.

We’ll leave for Water World straight from the pool, so make sure you get there on time, whether you’re doing individual photos or not! If you bought tickets, you’ll need to pick them up from Grace at the club after the photo has been taken. If you need to work out another arrangement (or if you’re generally bored/unhappy and need someone to harass,) contact her at

Promise, I’ll post all of the technique week stuff when I can, as well as updated best times (in yards!) but y’all keep me too busy… Sandy, could we fit a personal assistant into the budget next year?

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