Weekend prep!

Hey everyone!

Here’s your daily bedtime story…And I don’t check under the bed for monsters.


Several have been updated on the right sidebar, including new best times (in meters) and meet photos for the year. Thank upper division swimmers Josh Fleming and Brian Pak for getting those online when I couldn’t make it all work.. Anyways, check it out!


Sign-up ended today for Saturday’s meet and relays are done. If you still wish to attend the meet SAT at Applewood Athletic Club, please tell me at practice or e-mail me if necessary so I can check your events. The events will be limited, but it will still be a VERY long meet. Please plan on being at the pool late!

Also, I haven’t gotten ANY warm-up info, so count on getting IN at 6:15. We’ll only be getting 15 mins for the WHOLE TEAM, I’m quite sure, so don’t be late. And we’ll be the 3rd biggest team there… Yikes.

Relays will be posted tomorrow, I still need to type them…


Practice will resume its normal schedule FRIDAY. Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th, and I know everyone had a great time at water world today…

Have a great night, check out our cover appearance on yourhub today (Thurs)!

See y’all soon.

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