The very busy weeks ahead…

The season is going by faster than a teenage driver in a work zone…

Let’s talk end of the season schedule – lots of important info here!


1. No practice changes, morning and night practices will remain as usual

2. Wednesday – Intrasquad swim meet! Warm-up will be 5:30 p.m., the meet will start at 6:00 p.m. This is the first of our last 3 meets before League, so if you need to qualify in something you had better make sure you’re there! If you DON’T need to qualify or better a seed time, I expect you to swim some odd events and try to round out your meet resume on the year. Regardless, it’ll be a lot of fun, so be there!

3. Saturday – WR/LAKEWOOD @ GREEN MOUNTAIN! Our warm-up will run from 6:00 a.m. – 6:20 a.m., everyone will be together. This is meet 2/3, and same drill – qualify, improve seeds and swim something new.

4. Sunday – LAST CHANCE @ 6TH AVE WEST. This is the final meet of the season to qualify for league or state!! It will be Sunday morning, I don’t yet have warm-up info. This meet is important for a few reasons.

First, it obviously provides everyone a chance to swim fast competition (you MUST have a B qualifying time in the events you swim here) and make the times you need to attend league/state.

Second, it’s our only meet at 6th Ave West, like, ever. If you’re swimming at league, it’s probably wise to attend this meet simply to test out the pool and discover any little quirks. I’ve personally never even been to the pool, so I’d imagine most of you aren’t familiar with it either. Not mandatory, just recommended.


1. Practice will remain as usual, with the exception of no Tuesday night practice. Swimmers who will not be swimming at league need not attend (unless you really want to!) Get some darn sleep (then transfer your energy to my exhausted body…) Monday and Thursday night practices will be open to all swimmers attending league, they will concentrate largely on starts
and turns.

2. Wednesday we will have a Pizza and Tye Dye party! We always make league shirts, this year we’ll be doing tye dye! Start time will likely be 6:00 p.m. And someone needs to start planning my beautiful shirt now…

3. Friday – Sunday – LEAGUE @ 6TH AVE WEST! Without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year… More details will be out soon, but just know that all I want for Christmas is a sweet freakin trophy for everyone to get some new best times…


1. Significant practice changes! Currently the times remain the same, but we might condense and allow everyone to sleep in a bit… Also, NO MONDAY MORNING practice this week! We’ll all be very tired from league and everyone needs to sleep until at least 10 a.m. (that’s an order, moms) and Monday night practice (8 p.m.) will be open to all state attendees.

2. Wednesday night will be our banquet at the pool! Prepare for a dazzling display of wit and charm from your coaches that may last well into the night (we love the sounds of our own voices, in case you never noticed…)

3. Friday – Sunday – STATE @ COLUMBINE COUNTRY CLUB! I petitioned to have state somewhere horrible and remote again this year but they wouldn’t listen (I was hoping for Pueblo, Trinidad or Kearney, Nebraska..)

The schedule will go like so –

Friday – 8-unders
Saturday – 9-12’s, 400’s
Sunday – Upper Division

Make sure you’re in town if you’ve qualified! And again, more info as the date approaches.

Sorry for the novella, I’ll link to this bad boy somewhere so you can find it again.

YourHub article coming soon…

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