The push to 50!

Here’s this week’s article.

Something worth noting – we’ve qualified 42 swimmers for league so far! That’s already 10 more than last year’s total – something I’m very proud of. I want to set a goal of 50 swimmers this year, meaning we need to qualify 8 more people over the next 3 meets.

Swimmers on the brink include Nicole Cotten, Madison Crowder, Kevin Mercy, Katie Denney, Rebecca Garner, Lauren Sutherland, Luke Giusto, James Lucas, Jessica Lucero, Jason Mortenson, Olivia Moore, Sarah Papke, Caleb Schroder and Briana Wenholz. Maybe we should be going for 60…

Make sure you cheer these guys on, three more chances!

And I intend to keep my yourhub promise…

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