League schedule

Hello again!

First, some practice notes –

NIGHT PRACTICE HAS BEEN CANCELLED! I’ve tried to make the announcement as often as possible but I’m not sure if everyone knows, so spread the word, please! There’s an after hours party at the club so we can’t get the pool… No worries, we’ll do lots of starts tomorrow, and I’ll bring my suit to get in.

NO MONDAY MORNING PRACTICE! Everyone needs to s-l-e-e-p sleep. We’ll have a real practice at 8 p.m. for all State qualifiers.

400 SWIMMERS need not attend Friday practice, we’ll see you at 6th Ave West at 5 p.m.

Next – League!

Events go like so –

– Friday
Medley Relay through Backstroke – Saturday
Free Relay through IM
– Sunday

Our warm-up on Friday is 5-5:30 (open)

On Saturday and Sunday warm-up is at 6:20-6:40. DO NOT MISS OR BE LATE!!!

That said, to reduce congestion (42 swimmers, ages 7-18, 2 lanes, 20 minutes? I think not…) I would like all UPPER DIVISION swimmers to warm-up at the SWIM CLUB rather than at the Stingray pool. So here’s the drill:

Even though our warm-up is at 6:20, the meet doesn’t start until 8! So, I want all upper division swimmers to meet at the club at 6:30 with the intent of getting IN THE WATER at 6:45, out by 7:15. This will give you plenty of chance to get over to the pool before your relay starts.

PARENTS – if your upper division swimmer doesn’t have a car, you have a few options.

1 – pick your kid up, drive them to the pool.
2 – Have them swim regular warm-up with the little kids, not the end of the world.
3 – get them a ride with a TRUSTED upper division swimmer (they aren’t all to be trusted, trust me)
4 – tell me they need a ride, and I can take them in my porche. The best option if your child would like to arrive in style.

So that’s it, here’s a link to the stingray website if it’s easier to follow.

But now I’m running late for work, look what you did…

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