Congratulations to EVERYONE who has participated in the league meet so far! There have been so many amazing swims, I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled the coaches are.

Following yesterday’s fantastic 400’s (really fantastic..) following all the way through the amazing 1/3 finishes of Cody and Sam at the end of today’s meet, I’ve been very impressed with everyone’s effort and spirit.

Quick recap (I don’t have any paper results, so I’ll surely be forgetting things)

– HUGE cuts for nearly every relay, 2nd place for 8-under boys, 3rd for 15-18, 4th(?) for 11-12 boys

– Awesome 400s, including a fantastic 5th place for Molly (possibly our swimmer of the meet so far) and a very dynamic 2/4/5/6/11 finish (for a grand total of 45 points) in the 15-16 boys race.

– Lightning fast 50s – Inez, Evan and Todd hit 34s (and uh, they’re 11-12), Elise nearly broke 30 (pretty much my time) and Pakman went a blistering 27 flat.

– 11-12 boys have been incredible! Evan, Derek and Todd have blown the competition out of the water. Brady and Brian will hit the water tomorrow in the breaststroke, this is a great group of kids and I’m very proud of them.

– Mr Dylan Jacob broke the team record in the 25 free, posting a top 3 finish in 17.65 seconds. He also took first in the 100 free with an incredible 1:33! AWESOME JOB!

– Ethan Schick cut an unbelievable 21 seconds in his 200 free to hit a state time. And yes, I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. What a big time swim!

– Senior Gator Casey Zelus put her relay on pace to smash it’s time by 7 seconds this morning then smashed her own PR in the backstroke with a gutsy 1:21 100 back. 2 more races for Brian, Josh and Casey tomorrow, don’t miss em!

– Finally, and by far the most impressive of all, the upper division had the covers off and were putting the lane ropes in when I arrived at the pool at 6:30 this morning. It’s all karma…

Anyways there’s more worth writing about but I’m rather tired and need my nap.

Great job today, can’t wait to see what we can accomplish tomorrow (especially in breaststroke)!

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