League wrap-up!

Here are the complete league results –


They weren’t publicly posted but, uh, yeah, there they are.

So I’d like to start by saying that the coaches are incredibly impressed with the way the team performed this weekend. As you saw in the last post, we had a very great first 2 days, and Sunday was no different. Thanks to everyone who swam their hardest and worked their butts off this season to make it the incredible success it has been so far.

Even though it seems like we might not have done as well this year compared to last (ie 3rd rather than 2nd) we beat last year’s point total by about 40 points and swam a lot more races. That’s a huge step forward and the only thing that kept us from winning was the fact that the league was re-structured this year, placing a few traditional D-1 teams in our division. Anyways, great job!

Second, hope everyone enjoyed their morning off today, remember practice at 8 p.m. tonight for all state qualifiers!

Note that we will be changing morning practice times for this week due to our reduced numbers! They will be as follow!

11-12’s & Upper division – 7:15a – 8:45a
9-10’s – 8:45a – 9:45a
8-unders – 9:00a – 9:45a

Next, if you are seeking any information about the state meet (ie directions, warm-ups, event schedule, whatever) you can visit the web site at www.statemeet.com (easy, right?)

Finally, some well earned congratulations.

First, NEW STATE QUALIFIERS Brady Cotten and Brian Long! These guys worked hard to get those times and they’ll get to swim another week.

Also, NEW TEAM RECORD HOLDERS Dylan Jacob, Tristan Gess and Brian Pak! Dylan set the mark in the 25 free (17.65), Tristan got his in an incredible, league winning 25 breaststroke race (23.40) and Brian Pak broke his own mark in one of the most thrilling races I’ve ever seen, coming from the 3 seed to win the 100 breast in a time of 1:12. Talk about going out on top! Congratulations guys!

Note that Gator swimmers Emily Cotten, Elise Chevalier, Alex Sutherland and Dylan Jacob (in 2 more races..) all have legitimate shots at breaking new records this weekend at state.

Finally, congratulations to LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Cody Spencer, Brian Pak, Tristan Gess, Dylan Jacob. We had a fantastic time watching you guys grow and achieve great things this year.

I’ll have all state entries posted later today, we will only be taking relays for 8-under boys, 13-14 girls and 15-18 men and women.

See ya tonight!

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