Banquet time!


Just a heads up, the banquet begins this evening at 6 if you’d like to eat, the ceremony will begin at 7.

A few notes, all non-members need to sign in at the front but they will not need to pay. The festivities begin at 6, non-members can enter the grounds at that time. Also, there’s really a lot of food, so please bring an appetite.

That’s it, we’ll try to go as fast as possible but man are there a lot of kids… Bring your pillow if you must, we’ll shake you when it’s your kid’s turn.

And bring suits, we’ll swim until 7 and it will be hot…

Finally, the link to the results has been changed, so it won’t work anymore. Anyways apparently the results of the meet are top secret, I’ll figure out some other way to get them online as soon as I get some time.


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