State updates

what a beautiful day…

So as you might imagine, the majority of todays 8-under state meet was postponed due to rain (we weren’t wet anyway?), cold (the give the little ones special treatment) and lightening (whatever, the pool was never even hit..)

However, that wasn’t before our boys medley relay cut 9 SECONDS and took 3rd (out of 50 teams!) and smashed the old team record with a 1:33. Oh, and Dylan broke his own record again with a 17 low/16 high in the 25.

Couldn’t be prouder.

Remember warm-ups are as follow

Sat morning – 8:00-8:20 (bring Luke coffee)
Sat afternoon (400s) – 3:00p-3:50p (open, be at pool by 3)
Sat evening (8-unders again) – End of 400s (5:45ish)-6:00p (bring Luke stronger coffee)
Sun morning (13-18s) – 7:20-7:40 (I specifically asked for an early time after Thursday’s practice..)

Also remember that our swamp is pretend, this swamp is real. The ground is nasty and sopping wet, so do yourself a favor and bring something waterproof to sit on like a tarp. Also, warm shoes will be of vital importance for all swimmers, I better not catch anyone barefoot in the cold mud or I’ll put your face in the cold mud… And bring an umbrella (or 3) cause the rain isn’t supposed to stop anytime soon.

That’s it, great job today! Let’s hope the weekend forecast isn’t accurate…

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