state killed the swim coach…

ok not really but man was that meet long (only like, 30 hours…) and I was sick, so sorry for the lack of updates, my hit counts indicate that the faithful have been waiting..

Anyways turns out that when I don’t have to be at the pool at 6, I actually sleep, meaning I have less time than ever…


First thing first – here are the state results. I was really pleased with how everyone closed the year out, especially the little kids.

Take a little look there, you’ll notice that the 8-under boys cut 9 seconds in their medley relay and took 3rd. And for anyone not impressed by that, the only two teams that beat them (skyline and virginia vale) scored B relays in the top 10. So yeah, steroids.

Some other awesome swims –

Morgan got 10th in her breaststoke and Inez got her crazy fly cleaned up (read, beautiful) and took 5th (1/10 second from 4th) in about 37 seconds. Did I mention they’re both only 11? Very nice.

Tristan, Dylan and Mateo all brought home individual medals in addition to their relay hardware.

Todd and Kevin crushed a bunch of kids 2-3 times their size.

Oh yeah, and Cody won the backstroke… Bo ya.

That about wraps it up (well not really, but I’m late for work), as you can imagine I had no time to write an article after that meet, but I’ll get something in next Thursday.

In the meantime I’ll be publishing occasional updates throughout the year (we’re just so close now, I can’t let you go..) and I’ll put together a feed so you don’t have to anxiously check the site every 20 minutes only to be let down. And if you don’t know what a feed is, go ask your 10-year-old.

So yeah, whenever I have time, which may be never, but I guess you’ll have to keep anxiously checking the site to find out, right?

Time for work! Sorry for the wait! Great job everyone!

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