Meet Warm-up time UPDATE!

Hello again!

I first wanted to let everyone know that I made another
meet time mistake. I got the warm-up times mixed up, putting upper
division first and lower second. The times currently showing in the box
to your right are updated AND correct. Please help me spread the word, especially since this is rather last minute and I didn’t learn of my mistake until the end of practices today. We’d like to keep everything as streamlined as possible in the morning!

Lower Division (12-under)


Upper Division (13-up)


Please come 10 minutes earlier than the posted time to make sure you
have enough time to stretch and get ready! Warm-ups are short so every
minute is valuable!

And a final note…the only top haiku submitted so far from the survey by celebrated gator haiku-ist Molly Kruse.

Dear Lucas Morin
I love swimming on the team
I love prizes too.

Can you top it? Might be tough…

Coach Luke

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