Night Practice, Meet Wrap-up!

Hello all –

First, I wanted to let you know that Coach Rich is beginning night practice tonight from 7:30-9pm! This is meant for upper division swimmers, and it is a GREAT way to improve your skills and get in even better shape!

Second, I want to encourage everyone to PLEASE try to make it out to practice tomorrow! We will have meet sign up for Saturday’s meet against Lakewood, and we will also have goal sheets that we will work on in practice. These are very important to the coaches, so if you miss please pick one up on Wednesday!

Finally, I wanted to give some quick recognition to some excellent Gators who made a big splash in the pool this weekend in our first meet of the season! Like the coaches kept saying, this week was more about smiles than state times, so here are a few swimmers who their coaches smile with their effort, toughness and great attitudes!

Kevin Kruse came back from a year off with new energy and not a trace of rust! He beat (Krushed, if you will) his goal times off the bat and with a little more practice, looks like he could be right back at the league meet this year!

Jake and Gabe Odenweller came into the year as new swimmers and have so far given it everything they’ve got! They’ve attended every practice, sported a few different hairstyles, and have gone for some of the hardest events…all after only 4 days of practice! Talk about confidence!

Kenzie Oreskovich earned her keep with a CARA swim team last year and has come in and has already made an immediate impact with the team. Her awesome attitude, huge race presence, love of butterfly and HUGE smile have already inspired her coaches and her teammates. Keep your eye on this one!

The 13-14 boys came out in force, and they showed that they’ll be a force to be reckoned with this year! At a time when many boys drop out to pursue other interests (bugs/boogers/farting/girls/ect…) we’ve got 2 relays+ of some of the most dedicated, fun-loving kids on the
team. This WILL be a top 10 relay at state, I’m calling it now!

Jack Lucas swam extremely well, crushing competition 2-10 times his size with a huge dive and killer instinct in the pool! Who said whiling away your summers on the GMSC diving boards wasn’t worth something?

Brett Wilsey swam one of the biggest races of her swimming career, coming from wayyyyyy behind to catch a fellow swimmer who looked like, after 75 meters, would swim away with the race. But Brett did EXACTLY as she was coached to do and swam a blazing fast time, all while showing that she compete in more than just the breaststroke!

and finally, I know this week was about smiles, NOT state times, but…

Dylan Jacob swam an incredibly gutsy 50 freestyle to close out the Boys 9-10 relay. Even though he wasn’t quite able to catch the stingray relay, he did manage to break 35 seconds. In meters. Did I mention that the winning time at state last year for this age group was 34.58? One of the toughest records in the Gator record book (17 years old!) looks like it might be in reach!

Thanks again for all of your hard work! We’ll see y’all in the morning!

Coach Luke

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