Meet Reminders, Invitational Qual Times!

Hello All –

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful SUMMER SUNSHINE as much as I am. I had become convinced that while I was away someone had tied down a permanent, wet cloud with the sole purpose of making me miserable and freezing 8-unders…but I’m glad the little guy escaped. Hopefully he settles down somewhere already nasty, like Nebraska or West Texas.

Please remember that you need to be at the pool 10 minutes before your warm-up begins tomorrow! This will give you time to stretch with the coaches, get your goggles on, ect… Warm-up, as usual, is quite short, so don’t waste it!

Finally, please note that there are only 2 meets left to qualify for both Ken Caryl AND the Pentathalon! Those meets are both at the end of June. Ken Caryl, a cool little mid-season invitational meet, has listed it’s qual times HERE. We’ll run a report after this Saturday’s meet listing swimmers who are eligible.

Pentathalon is another meet, hosted by Applewood Athletic Club, that swimmers must qualify for. To get into this meet, you must have a “B” time or better in 4 of the 5 main events – Fly, Back, Breast, Free (25 for 8-unders, 50 for 9-12’s, 100 for upper division), and IM. You swim all 5 events at the meet and your cumulative time is calculated at the end. It’s a lot of fun. That said (cough, cough UPPER DIVISION) if you haven’t swam all of these events yet, you need to make sure you get them under your belt so that you can qualify! It’s a really fun meet. Remember, tomorrow you can exhibition AS MANY EVENTS AS YOU WANT, so get that extra race in where you can. It’s never too late to add something.

Thanks, and best of luck tomorrow! I won’t be at the meet but coaches Rich and Josh will be ready to pep talk you until your cap-tucked ears fall right off.

And remember, if you’re not a gator, YOU’RE GATOR BAIT!

Coach Luke

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