Best times, meet results UPDATED

Hello all!

I wanted to make a quick note to say that the results from this weekend’s meet were VERY impressive. Even though I was busy dancing with bridesmaids wishing my newlywed cousin well, Rich and Josh indicated that everyone showed a lot of heart and spirit at the meet. 10 out of 16 gator relays posted season best times, and GM found themselves with 6 new league qualifiers and countless other season best times! Congrats to everyone who swam!

Full results are posted in the “Important Links” tab on the right.

Best times have also been updated, and I’ve fixed the bug that was requiring me to perform complex, Hollywood Hacker-esque techniques to bring you these reports, so expect them to get posted sooner in the future!

Finally, (incomplete) meet information is up for this Saturday’s meet against COLUMBINE KNOLLS and APPLEWOOD KNOLLS! These are 2 EXTREMELY talented teams with some very, very good swimmers. For those of you who were around last year, AK was a Division I team at state and CKST won state by a large margin at the Division II level. Even though we’ll face some tough competition later this season (see Golden, AAC…we weren’t messing around with the schedule!) these could very well be some of the quickest swimmers we’ll see all year. So bring your game face, and let’s see some extra focus this week in practice! This is a great opportunity to show the league what you’ve got!

Coach Luke

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